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Onegini’s own showroom

One of the first deliverbles to at Onegini was to sharpen our positioning and image by means of redesigning our website, messaging and content. We are especially proud to announce that our new website is now up and running. After going live this week, our CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) platform Onegini Connect has taken center-stage in its very own online showroom. Are you interested in the why? Read more.

Onboarding strategies to get your customers online

Last week, we discussed the importance and necessity of customer onboarding: the value of a digital customer, the battle about digital experiences & services and the costs of customer service. Today, we will address different strategies how to get your customers online and provide metrics commonly used to measure success. Before we dive into these strategies, we have to clarify the definition of a digital customer first.

Digital Customer onboarding, where to start?

In his last role, Mart was responsible for the online service and channel development of the Delta Lloyd websites and social business. At Onegini, Mart uses this business-knowledge to translate Onegini’s product offering into clear business benefits. Blog no 1 addresses the introduction to Customer Onboarding