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VP Marketing | Scaling Marketing Teams voor Start & Scale ups | B2B SaaS | Data addict | Inbound Marketing | Business Development | Sales Process Management

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Life: Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Travelling, Sports, Adrenalin, Loves a checked flag, Data addict, Gimmicks, Father of a boy and engaged.

Work: Mart is an inquisitive, innovative and entrepreneurial professional.  Mart likes challenges and set goals. He is not afraid to make decisions and perceives the glass as half full. Believes in build, measure and learn approach to scale Marketing teams.

Character: Combined with a friendly smile, consultative skills, and a high ability to listen, Mart will get the hands together within enterprises and emerging companies. Colleagues call me ambitious, studious, innovative, a bit cocky but above a professional with high learning ability.

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Leadership & Intrapreneurship


Scaling Marketing Teams for Start & Scale ups


Inbound Marketing


(Digital) Sales Process Management


Demand Generation & Leadnurturing


Business Development


Corporate Strategy




Digital tooling


Growth Hacking


Professional Highlights

09.2017 - Now

VP Marketing


VP of Marketing for Onegini. Responsible for the translation of our core positioning towards an effective marketing strategy to drive performance and results. Daily activities include: - To further develop the positioning of Onegini Identity Cloud within the CIAM landscape - To create an effective growth marketing strategy for Onegini for global and regional countries (NL, BE, DE) - To develop compelling propositions and go to market campaigns in cross-team collaboration - To organize and execute demand generation, funnel management, lead nurturing, reporting and forecasting - To set-up, organize and execute Business Development for immediate response and outbound - To orchestrate the full Marketing and Business Development chain to drive SQL's and predictable revenue - To maintain & improve the marketing channels and disciplines, a.o. social, email, website(s). - To manage analyst relationships and handle events, customer Boards & PR for new and existing customers - To assist the CEO with strategy related matters such as series B investment presentation.

10.2014 - 02.2017

Manager Digital Portals

Delta Lloyd

Responsible for online service & online channel development of Delta Lloyd portals. Managing 16 FTE. Daily activities include (1) improving (online) self service and customer experience, channel development for deltalloyd.nl and mijn delta lloyd, dl app, emailmarketing, social business and tooling. (2) Run and improve of web analytics (digital analytics strategy, a/b testing, personalisation) and voice of the customer. (3) Online management including web editing

07.2015 - 10.2016

Founder & Manager Clixx


With Clixx, customers can insure a car on an all risk basis when borrowed from a friend. Clixx makes sharing safe. Clixx was invented during the Innovation Challenge in just 2 weeks, working with the Minimum Viable Product principle of approach and available for customers since juni 2016.

Let's share my insights


The importance of customer onboarding in the insurance industry

Mart Dec 2018

Together with my new CEO Ronald Kasteel, we gave (under his name) an interview in the November edition of AM Magazine . In this interview we emphasized the importance of 'customer onboarding' within the bigger picture of digital transforation. Read the full interview below.


How to explain an intangible, B2B, IT product?

Mart Jun 2018

How to explain an intangible, B2B, IT product? Besides redesigning Onegini's website, we created a corporate video in order to explain Onegini product offering towards our universe


Onegini’s own showroom

Mart Mar 2018

One of the first deliverbles to at Onegini was to sharpen our positioning and image by means of redesigning our website, messaging and content. We are especially proud to announce that our new website is now up and running. After going live this week, our CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) platform Onegini Connect has taken center-stage in its very own online showroom. Are you interested in the why? Read more.


Onboarding strategies to get your customers online

Mart Jan 2018

Last week, we discussed the importance and necessity of customer onboarding: the value of a digital customer, the battle about digital experiences & services and the costs of customer service. Today, we will address different strategies how to get your customers online and provide metrics commonly used to measure success. Before we dive into these strategies, we have to clarify the definition of a digital customer first.


The necessity of customer onboarding

Mart Nov 2017

Last week, we introduced a series of blogs addressing different topics all related to; how to intensify customer onboarding. Today: why should customer onboarding be a top priority? Get up to speed by reading my 3 main reasons!


Digital Customer onboarding, where to start?

Mart Oct 2017

In his last role, Mart was responsible for the online service and channel development of the Delta Lloyd websites and social business. At Onegini, Mart uses this business-knowledge to translate Onegini's product offering into clear business benefits. Blog no 1 addresses the introduction to Customer Onboarding

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